Monday, 25 April 2011

My experience in Electronic Advertising class

During the whole semester, Monday and Thurday 11.00-12.30pm at FE 09, i was attend the electronic advertising class (SCCT 3153). The lecturer is very nice, she called Puan Siti Syamsul Nurin.

During the class, i was very concentrate to the lecture. I learned about the types of advertisements, media strategy, how to segment the target audience for advertisements, how to build or communicate i advertisement of organization and how to create and using the blog.

In electronic advertising class, i learned about how to create a creative advertisement for the Rafa Green. This was a new experience for me. I felt this subject is very interesting. 

In the media strategy, i learned about how to select the best types of media, the best time to implement the advertisement, the best place to advertise the advertisement.

The time has passed so fast, 14 weeks are done for this subject. I hope i can learn more about the electronic advertising with my dearly lecturer in future. 

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