Friday, 29 April 2011


throught this semester study of  E-Advertising, I  konw about the Advertisement one of the most frequently appeared word and substance in our daily life, it has been established in this world for more than thousands years. From Ancient Egyptians use posters to make sales messages to professional advertiser now that use multichannel as ways to promote their products. Advertisement has its pros and cons in many perspective, some people argued the traditional way of advertisement is costly and lack of coverage, in my point of view, I do agree with this argument because it is costly for anyone who wants to make their product aware by the public, if you don’t spend then you won’t get pay back. Other than that, the coverage of the advertisement is one of the big concerns for many manufacturers or retailers, ads may accounts a large portion of the total budgets for that particular person and he is desperately depends on large sales of their products. Therefore, theoretically the larger coverage their ads tend to be, the more people will come to make purchase and the more profits they can earn from that. However, due to some significantly drawbacks of the traditional way, people have to tolerant with the status quo until the revolution in the internet and media world which brings us a completely new tool to make advertisement.
E-advertisement is not necessarily define as online advertising, anything that is advertised by using electronic channel could be say as E-advertisement, TV, Signboard, On site Display, Search Engine, E-mail, even Electronic postcards, to name but a few are possible channels for advertisers to put their works on. Compare with traditional advertisement, it has possessed several advantages, first of all, it has a larger coverage than any other Medias currently, if you take a close look around yourselves, it will be normal for someone who does not read magazine for a whole day, but it will be difficult for anyone from banning use their cell phone. Cell phone users are skyrocketed, especially for smart phone users, and now the advertiser saw this opportunity and has put their ads on some of the most popular smart phone systems like IOS and Android, now you could imagine how large the coverage of the advertisement is. Besides that, significantly spending cut will be another advantage by using the E-advertising, it does not require too much money on rent, manpower and so forth, therefore it could save your pocket and add to other areas to enhance your competitive advantage.
In conclusion here, throughout this semester, I have learnt lots of knowledge regarding how the E-advertising works and what is the pros and cons by using it. As our society moves to a new era, the development of ICT has dramatically changed our life perspective as well as the business side, thus we shall continue to embrace the advance technologies which could help us to make a firm competitive advantage against other rivals and sustain our business.
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Monday, 25 April 2011

My experience in Electronic Advertising class

During the whole semester, Monday and Thurday 11.00-12.30pm at FE 09, i was attend the electronic advertising class (SCCT 3153). The lecturer is very nice, she called Puan Siti Syamsul Nurin.

During the class, i was very concentrate to the lecture. I learned about the types of advertisements, media strategy, how to segment the target audience for advertisements, how to build or communicate i advertisement of organization and how to create and using the blog.

In electronic advertising class, i learned about how to create a creative advertisement for the Rafa Green. This was a new experience for me. I felt this subject is very interesting. 

In the media strategy, i learned about how to select the best types of media, the best time to implement the advertisement, the best place to advertise the advertisement.

The time has passed so fast, 14 weeks are done for this subject. I hope i can learn more about the electronic advertising with my dearly lecturer in future. 

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


For my opinion, the most important product in my life is wallet. The favourite brand for me is Polo. This brand quite popular in the market. 

When i am in twelve years old my parents gave me my birthday's present is the wallet. In the beginning, i not very like to bring it out as i thinks that is trouble for me to bring another 'small bag' go out and need always take care of it. 

But once time, i go out without my wallet because i thought that is very inconvenience for me. All my money, identity card and also others card just keep in my pocket with any arrangement. 

Finally, I lost my identity card without any notification when i take out my money to pay something. That time, i realize that wallet is more important for me to keep all my important small documents in one place include my money. 

Now, when i want go out, i also will bring along my wallet as it already become a good habit for me. Wallet, is the most important product for me.

Thanks you.
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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Microsoft, one of the most profitable and valuable company in this world, it has introduced many well know products and made our life more convenient than ever before. The most populous product which I strongly believe that has changed our perception of computer usage is the Windows Operation System (Windows). According to a survey among several major countries including the United States, Japan, China and so forth, the Windows has gain almost 80% share of the consumer market and somehow 90% of the business market. Someone may say that we have other option for instance the Mac OS, or Linux, however in my point of view; these products will never replace the Windows at least for the next several decades.

Windows is the world most compatible operation system which means it has an enormous foundation of program writers and firm connection with hardware suppliers. If you real pay attention to some hardware or even in the front of a laptop, you should be find out there is a small label which indicate “Windows 7 verified” or “Windows 7 compatible”. This means if you don’t want any errors occurs in your computer, you should use Windows as your operation system. Another story which you probably remember is how important is the Internet Explorer, this software is part of the whole OS and many major websites suggest their consumers to use this browser, if you use any browser like Chrome or Firefox to access to your online banking account, page may not indicate properly. Other than that, some IM software could only be able to install in the Windows, although Mac OS is considered as a user friendly operation system, it does not made for “software friendly” to those IM providers, for example if you want to use Windows messenger or Yahoo Messenger, I am afraid the Mac OS would not allow you to do that and in the end you may not make frequent contact with your friends.

Due to the excellent compatibility of Windows system, it shall continue to the one of the most frequent used product in our daily life, I sincerely hope Microsoft will launch new version of Windows in the near future and I am looking forward to that day.
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