Tuesday, 15 March 2011


For my opinion, the most important product in my life is wallet. The favourite brand for me is Polo. This brand quite popular in the market. 

When i am in twelve years old my parents gave me my birthday's present is the wallet. In the beginning, i not very like to bring it out as i thinks that is trouble for me to bring another 'small bag' go out and need always take care of it. 

But once time, i go out without my wallet because i thought that is very inconvenience for me. All my money, identity card and also others card just keep in my pocket with any arrangement. 

Finally, I lost my identity card without any notification when i take out my money to pay something. That time, i realize that wallet is more important for me to keep all my important small documents in one place include my money. 

Now, when i want go out, i also will bring along my wallet as it already become a good habit for me. Wallet, is the most important product for me.

Thanks you.
Tew Wooi Cheat 126444 

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